What about you?

since here we are talking about illustration, i can say i entered this world more because of a personal attitude.
i graduated with a humanities degree, and that helped me many and many times in finding symbols that could be universally understood.
am i already annoying you?

any influences?

i am often influenced by things not strictly belonging to the world of illustration. If i have a tendency to minimalism, i also have an admiration for the surreal.
i have always appreciated the work of storm thorgerson, magritte, the impressionists, designers like shigeo fukuda or minimalistic illustrators like komagata.
i don't think i am telling something new, so let's say i love infusions, my homemade chili pepper, wandering around...

How do you come up with a new idea?

it very much depends from what I need to tell in terms of images.
i usually do some research on the subject, and then i start drawing sketches without really thinking about the outcome.
my aim is to come up with something that would be spontaneous, simple and clear at same time.
i choose colours very meticulously. while i'm drawing, i listen to music, to the radio, or i watch conferences and documentaries on the web. all these mediums influence a lot my work, so i learned to choose carefully topics and themes.

Any new projects or plans?

i would like to finish a children book i have been working on for a long time now. i really wish i could see it completed as soon as possible.

HEY! you really read so far!? Thanks!