Hi Andy, tell us something about yourself

I’m Simona, I’m 26 and I live in Turin.
Andy McFly is my stage name.
I would say that I’m kind of a weird girl with a strong passion for all kinds of arts: I like to spend my days painting, creating new works and chilling out in the wild;
I also listen to a lot of music, I like to dance and spend time with my freaky friends.

when and how did you start drawing?

I like to draw since I was a kid.
I have lived my life in a creative way ever since, starting from my study choices.
I first attended art school and then the Academy of Fine Arts.
I began to make sense of my production after some unpleasant sentimental episodes and not unconsciously pushed me to give shape to my thoughts.
By the time my technique and the critiques I received, matured thanks to my great desire to improve and to those people who helped me outside the school circuit.

What are your inspirations?

I get inspired by everything that I find interesting!
My biggest inspirations are music and what I see and feel around me; I’m also inspired by the works of artists like David Hockney, Alice Neel, Pablo Picasso, Elizabeth Peyton, Louise Bourgeois and Njideka Akunyili Crosby.
Right now I’m getting close to the work of Middle East and South American’s artists such as Fatma Bucak or Alejandro Ospina.

 Most of the times your subjects are women, why?

Because the more I look at women the more I realize how much energy they spread out in the world.
Women who are aware of who they are and their strengths and weaknesses.

How would you see yourself in five years? 

I hope more mature, less anxious and less doubtful; I would like to see myself working in an international environment, maybe living and working outside of Italy for a while.

In these past months I’ve been working on a series of paintings about my generation using at the same time portrait and still life techniques.

from the project "failure - to not forget"
in collaboration with my twin sister, Sabrina iamonte.


behance: Andymcfly
insta @andy_mcfly