Hi Chiara, Tell us about you

 I graduated in Graphic design at IED school in Rome .
Right now, I live and work in Rome with my little dog.

How would you describe your style?

my style is a mix of techniques.
I usally love to combine pencils, markers and painting, creating some sort of collage art work.
my world is made of dynamic compositions in which twisted and deformed characters seem to come out from my drafts.

Where do you get inspiration?

To be sincere, from anywhere: photography, painting, sculpture, illustration and sport.
it is fundamental to have a great visual culture.

tell us about your daily routine? How do you develop your ideas?

I wake up kind of early in the morning and i go straight to lab.aquattro studio.
I usually get ideas for my works while doing daily tasks: tidying up my desk, taking my dog out, etc.
at the time i focus on what i want to draw, i start from small sketches to get to the definitive ones.

What are you working on at the moment?

RIght now I'm finishing an illustration for a magazine and I have a children book on the go.