Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Dee Lee AKA Ulittledevil.
I am originally from South Korea, born in Japan, raised in New Zealand and I did my studies in Milan.
Currently working as photographer and artist in Korea and Japan.


My drawings are greatly influenced by the environment. I discovered that my colors and lines change by the countries I am in. In Milan, I used very natural solid colors in rather unpredictable lines, in Korea I used very vivid highlighting colors and practical lines, and in Japan I used provocative red as a touch.
I believe that the difference of altitude, temperature, sounds, smells, colors of the buildings and people, all these information I gain change something inside me.


A mess. When I am drawing something, it means I am not happy at all. All the creative rush I get comes from distress, sadness, fright, depression, urge for destruction.
My creations are metaphor of violence.


What does the naked body represent for you in your work?

Female naked body is a paradox of elegance and eroticism for me. I draw women’s body in a rather distractive way; however, they are - in reality - very delicate fragile subject.

What about your painting technique?

I don’t have any technique, but I draw with left hand in order to draw less accurate.


Any upcoming projects and dreams you can share with us?

I am exhibiting my nude drawings in Tokyo at Gallery Jib, from January 4th to 29th 2017.
I am also doing an exhibition in Fukuoka in February, this time both photos and drawings.
For the future project, I would love to do more nude photography in order to make art on it and hopefully my disturbing nudes will be accepted more into society.

instagram: @ulittledevil