Hi Elena, tell us a little bit about yourself

As I am writing this, I am smiling. Smiling is what defines me, since i have very big teeth.
it’s something I do spontaneously even while I draw. I think my smile is different; it’s a real smile, pure satisfaction like the one I feel when something finally takes shape, or while appreciating something that maybe only I understand. 

How did your first encounter with art happen?

I don’t remember making appointments with art, nor I recall bumping into it in the street. Rather, I grew up with it.
My mom used to take us to museums all the time. I liked the idea of leaving my heavy backpack, loaded with sandwiches in the museum’s wardrobe and then go strolling around on the sparkly museum’s floors. Spying on the quick sketches of the art student sitting next to me on the velvety couch, and finally falling asleep in front of a giant painting of Delacroix.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are very heterogeneous.
I’ve always been attracted by less expected domains, such as the silent work of anonymous designers, simple cartoon illustrations and the anthropological search of colours, styles and costumes.
Lately, I have been trying not to look too much at the work of other illustrators. Though, I have to admit that I have been greatly impressed by the work of some of them, such as McFetridge, and I believe that it’s possible to see his influence on my early work.

Which colours do you use most and why?

As Itten says, since I am blond, I find myself comfortable with pastel colours.
I put some effort in trying to use stronger and more saturated shades. I’ve always found green to be a difficult colour to work with; its rendition especially in print is unpredictable.  


paper or digital?

Paper to jot down ideas. Digital (unfortunately) to execute them.

A project you would like to work on?

I would like to develop my drawings tridimensionally, without thinking about drawing shades and lights, but have them all in a single object.
I think this is the secret dream of many illustrators.