Hi Jamie, tell us something about you

I'm an artist living in Bristol, I've just started showing my work with Paper Folds gallery and I am in love with life at the moment! I have two dogs and two cats and live surrounded by art with my partner.

When did you start collecting old photos, and where do you find them?

I was hugely impressed by an exhibition in 2014 at The Photographers Gallery, London where a group of artists were showing 'appropriated' photography - just what I thought I couldn't do with any seriousness.
I started to scour eBay, local postcard festivals, antique shops... it became an obsession. I now know a shop in Bruge who are my 'go-to' for the most outstanding photographs and postcards.

How did you come up with the idea of covering people faces in embroideries of mixing them in collages?

My current practice started with high school yearbook photos and my freehand cutting out textbook nature images. then I started to thread into the collage, enlargements of the flattened works, then I progressed into threading into the original photos.
It it all came from my love of established practitioners like Stezaker and Julie Cockburn, but I read recently of the latter she is 'the most student copied artist of the moment' and I think there are definite, striking differences in the way I approach my work and it's aesthetic. My work is certainly not pastiche.
It's important to me that I work freehand and trust my eye.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I love the artists mentioned, but I am really excited by the current turn-around of folk art and its associates.
Instagram is opening so much possibility. Angela Deane & Robert Kinsey are always exciting. Daniel Benayun is one of the best feeds on Instagram about.
At home I love The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks and Ru Paul's Drag Race so I obviously respond  to graphic, visceral, dark and fabulous TV! 

 Future projects/exhibitions?

I am showing work for a week this month (June) at a secret event for a week in Bristol with and all things going well a gallery in Berlin may also host my work.
In October I will be part of a really exciting show in Bristol; Paper Folds is hosting global artists from Instagram in another short fixed gallery - I can't wait to be seen alongside some of the people I look to for inspiration. We also sold a fair amount at my first show! "Study Art for Profit or Hobby" I ponder, aghast!


instagram: @jamie_rawlings_artist

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