Hi Stefanie, tell us something about you

Haha difficult question.
I'm a quite spontaneous person.
I could tell you about my recent project deep in the rainforest in borneo, where I was working together with a tribe on rattan bags.
I'm actually an explorer and adventurer. 

Who or what influences you the most?

my background is social design, so I always draw attention to social and environmental issues, without being to serious with everything but keeping an eye on that. 
I traveled around the whole globe, I saw the Beauty of Mother Earth, and I also saw how we exploit her.
I want us to change and stop that.

How do you come up with new ideas and subjects to draw?

My eyes are always open. I soak in everything.
It could be the sausage in the freezer in the supermarket around the corner, the banana field in the jungle of borneo, good or bad worldwide news, or just even a funny sentence or picture I find in an exhibition or in the deepness of our world wide web. 

why do you sometimes color your drawings only partially?

I guess I like the contrast between surfaces and lines.
lines and surfaces should find their way to talk together and have enough space to breath.
I like white space and I love COLOUR! 

How do you spend your free time? Favorite hobbies?

Collecting pens, bugs and socks. Flea markets. 

Future projects? 

Tons of ideas.
Next you’ll find a t-shirt collection with drawings and...
just wait a bit! :)