Hi Gianluca, tell us about yourself

My name is Gianluca Muraglia, 34 years old.
Born in Southern Italy. 420 lover.

No poses in my 'click'.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Obviously the pioneers of street photography influence everyone, especially when it comes to the main concepts of the genre.
However, I mostly get inspiration from what I see: colors, light, and those moments I call the 'exceptions'.

What is street photography for you? And how do you interpret it?

I became aware of being a 'street photographer' at a later time;
I consider street photography, together with reportage, the one true photography.
Seeing and seizing the perfect moment, that's the thrill.

What is the place or city where you can express yourself better?

There is no ideal city.
There are ideal moments, ideal lights, perfectly composed 'exceptions'.
Everything can be perfect at a precise moment and completely wrong the next moment.

What are the most common reactions of your subjects?

70% perplexity
25% bother
5% "I call the police"

Any upcoming projects?

My current work doesn't have a beginning or an end, so I guess it generally tends to be very long.
Among my latest projects, there is one in particular for the January issue of Urban Magazine.
I hope you will like the results!