Hi pipo, tell us something about you and your name

Hello El Pollo, Pipo comes from Pippo, as some of my friends from the Balkans, not using phonetic lengthening, they used to write Pipo instead of Pippo.
So, at some point, I decided it was time to remove things in excess, undress a little, and here we are.

When did you start making this kind of photography?

I was in Corso Genova, in Milan, and it was my first time shooting a girl that I had never met before, my first nude also.
At one point I told her to hide under a lampshade.
Back home, looking at that picture my eyes ‘exploded’, and I realized that all I ever wanted to do was in that direction.

Who Influenced You The Most?

I like things randomly happening to me, tripping over them. 
So, let’s say David Lynch, Marcel Marceau, Jodorowsky, Guy Bourdin, Magritte, Pina Bausch, John Cage.

How would you describe a perfect location?

A space with a big amount of light.
That is enough for me, the rest is behind the eyes and under the skin of a photographer.

how do you make your subjects feel more at ease?

There is a kind of mystical trance: firstly I am no longer a man, gender speaking, libido and eros are reduced to zero;
then I become something in-between a doctor and a mother.
On tiptoe, it starts a delicate dance.

future projects? 
Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I do not know where, I just know that I want to travel around, I hope my photography takes me everywhere.
For now I have my first ‘little’ public art project, although I prefer the word experience to the word project.
It will be called VOID and it will be a picture with so many women, perhaps two or three hundred. 

I also hope you will help me with the call ☺