BÓBITA by Hanna Rédling

Hanna Rédling is a 24 years old Hungarian photographer, recently graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

We are very proud to share her latest work BÓBITA, about gender identity and the whole process of growing up.

"In this series I worked through the experiences and stories of young girls of the same age as me, as well as my own stories, contemplating on the fears and anxieties, the clumsiness of becoming a woman."

"In my photography work I mainly focus on my past, childhood memories and the difficulties of growing up."

"The vivid, bright colors, the clean compositions and the quirky situations are both define my visual word."

"The conscious staging of my surrealistic visions helps me to keep my childish curiosity alive."

The cacti are growing out of the windows. They are stretching upward as if protecting the tall white building. I want to peek out of one of the windows, but the chair I’m crouching on is tilting.
I’m trying to stand up.