Hi lucile, tell us something about yourself

I am a student in Fashion design at Central Saint Martins, in London.
I don't want to restrict myself in one field. I believe that being over specialized at my age is a mistake.
Fashion design is my main focus of course, but I tend to have an input on the entire process. That's why I take my own pictures as well.
So the design is the deepest part of my work.
The photos are the packaging of it.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very personal. It is an addition of all the tiny obsessions I have in life.
Most of the time when I start a project, I begin by creating a character and then I base all my research around it.
All in all, I think my work could be define as a modern, story-telling, drappy style.

Who or what influences you the most?

People is what influenced me the most.
My friends are an endless source of inspiration.
First, they are very diverse, so I have the opportunity to mix a lot of opposed experiences and make the result of the mix my own interpretation, my primary research.
That's the reason why all the people in my pictures are my friends. It makes the pictures more alive, even if it is a fixed moment.

any obsessions you want to share with us?

I live through obsessions. I will eat the same thing until I get disgusted by it.
I will listen to the same music until it drives me crazy. I will wear the same outfit until I get sick of it.
And I will be obsessed by a technique until it gets
out of my system.
My obsession of the moment is class. It was never my thing before. But as there is no change without self-renewal, I've decided to try it out.
Few obsessions don't go away though, such as the love I have for the people around me.

What do you dream about doing next?

talking as a fashion designer, I would like my work to be less naive and shape my new ideas and researches.
So that when people wear it, they feel different. They would walk in a different way. And that would be caused by the design.
The next step for me is my final collection at school. It would be the first full collection I will do. I want to do my best for it to make it perfect and use it as a jump in.
A window to my career.