Hi Martina, tell us something about you and your nickname

I’m 27 and Libra :) I hate injustice and I love listening to people.
My favourite group is Sigur Rós, I don’t like bad people or those who lie.  I am serious but I do have a sense of humour. 
Initially, my nickname was Lovenenoso, from LOVE in English and VENENOSO (poisonous) in Spanish. I wanted to create a word with both languages and I liked how at the same time it related to life, love and poison: the good and the bad, as nothing exists without the opposite.
After a while, I got my first Instagram account deleted so I had to add LA in front of it and it became Lalovenenoso ;)

How did you start with photography? What are your influences?

Since I was 16 years old I realised I liked taking pictures.
I went on a family trip to Cuba and there I started taking pictures of people, I wanted to take that look with me forever. Unfortunately, all pictures were blank (it was my first analogue film), yet I did not give up and I kept trying until today.
Photography is my life, it is my expression tool; it is my everything to be able to live in peace.
I studied Artistic Photography and I did my graduating project in a kid’s mental health centre. That it is when, without much thinking, I said: this is what I want, I had no doubts.
I don’t have any specific influences, I mean I check a lot of photography websites, I have many books, but I do not have a particular reference. I do admire a lot of artists, but I never had a specific one in mind.
What I do, I do it because it comes from within, nothing else.


What are your favourite subjects and locations?

My favourite theme is the human body, I would like to do nudes and be able to show them, yet we CANNOT show nipples or arses on social media. Just bodies then.
I don’t have a specific location, the most important thing for me is the light: wherever there is a beautiful light, that’s enough. 

How would you describe your approach to fashion?

I don’t do traditional fashion photography, actually, I try not to think about fashion or what’s trendy. Obviously, I am influenced by different cultural references but I try to do what I like.
Fashion is a very big and complex field; if I overthink it, I get tired. I love fashion/style but trends bore me.

How do you spend your free time? Favourite hobbies?

It depends on the day, but I usually go out with my friends, we go to some events we got invited to or to the beach, to the cinema… or we just go around to take pictures.
I love reading but I have to recognise that I haven’t been reading that much lately! Which is a pity.

Any upcoming projects you want to share with us?

I have some news that make me really happy: I am publishing a photography and poetry book with my actress friend Alba Ribas. It will be published by Stendhal Books and I cannot be happier.
I can’t really tell much more about it, as it is quite a quite a surprise, but as soon as I can give more details you all will know. It is really something I love to share :)