NONsense is a photo and video collective
formed by Azahara Gómez, Lluis Martí, Luis Rojo, Iván Martinoz and Kevin Speight based between Mexico DF and Madrid.

NONsense has accomplished a collaboration with Mexican womenswear brand Simple by Trista for two times.
Their first collaboration, Movement 1, won in 2016 six awards at the Mexican Fashion Film Festival, screened at Berlin Fashion Film Festival and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

For their second collaboration, Old times, NONsense dug deeper into the values of the brand to reflect Simple by Trista’s emotional aesthetic and personality.

Old Times, based on the novel The Past by Argentine writer Alan Pauls, 
is a film about love, time and loss.
It’s an appreciation of the beauty of the past, an exploration of regret through an insight into our past actions.

In all of their videos they show and speak about strong emotions and changing experiences.
Crucial moments make you think. Thought-provoking scenes cause sentimental feelings, while melodramatic tones lead to tension and flowing movements recur.

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.
Same as love.”  Erich Fromm


vimeo: Nonsense collective

facebook: NonSense co

instagram: Simple by trista

EDITOR Josephine van der Vorm