Hi Nur, tell us something about you

I studied cinema in Barcelona (ESCAC), where I graduated in 2015.
My final graduation project Lina won the Malaga film festival and it was screened in various festivals.
I used to work with the fashion photographer Txema Yeste.
At the moment I’m working between Barcelona and London.

Why did you primarily choose filmmaking to convey your ideas?

I started studying Fine Arts but soon I realised that it wasn’t my thing and I changed my career.
I find the audiovisual format very complete. I feel very comfortable with it: it’s connecting people very directly, while playing with images and sound at the same time.

What are your sources of inspiration and influences? 

I have many: the women of my family, filmmakers, artists and photographers.

What is your favorite subject between fashion, music clips and shortfilms?

It’s all about emotions and feeling hard to explain.
It’s all about a woman and her process of becoming an adult.

What do you like most about your job? 

To Imagine, to create from zero that idea you have in your head.

Any upcoming projects you want to share with us?

I’ve just finished shooting a video with three artists, while they are in their creative process. I really liked working with them.


vimeo_ nurcasadevall

instagram: nurcasadevall