hi simone, tell us a bit about yourself

I am 30 years old, born in Piacenza, but I have been living and working in Milan for ten years. 
I am a freelance director, and I mostly like to work on independent video projects, which are shortfilms and videoclips, that I make with Motel Forlanini, my collective.

who inspired you? when did you find your passion? 

I’ve always liked cinema, but like everybody else of my generation, before the coming of the Internet, I grew up watching TV.
I think it is also clear from my work as television is part of my cultural background, though mixed with different languages.

What do you like most about your job?

I consider the whole experience of making a film or a video very fascinating, from casting and location scouting to online promotion. I love working on set, but I have even more fun when I can successfully combine all the efforts and know-how of people with different ideas into a single and final product.


I don’t have a fixed scheme.
My ideas always come from a confrontation – more or less direct – with other people, both for personal and group projects.

How did Abcd project born?

Language and words are my obsession.
After shooting C’est la vie, my first shortfilm, I felt the need to keep going on the same direction - following even stricter formal and linguistic rules - and to tell more engaging stories from the emotional point of view.
ABCD began as a collaboration with producer Michele Caspani, and then Cromatina came, which has been crucial in the production of these shortfilms.


I would like to keep doing my work freely, perhaps with more method and structure, thinking bigger.
I think that nowadays in Milan there is a certain excitement in this direction, and in my own way I will continue to feed it.