Hi guys, how did you two meet?

we met in college, but we didn't get along at first. then, one day, we accidentally sat next to each other and we started talking about what we liked most.
from there, we decided to work together and that came out very well.
though we have two very different personalities, we share the same dream and vision.

how would you describe your style?

we are still gaining experience and developing what you call 'style'.
it is an ongoing process that we still need to really understand.
but we definitely love to tell stories.

what you like most about your job?

there are three steps that make us happy:
the moment you understand you have a pretty decent idea, the on-set time, and the export.
all the rest is a combination of anxiety and boredom.
we are proud of our works but we are eternally unsatisfied.

how do you come up with new ideas?

you probably can't find ideas anywhere.
you just need to understand how to 'remember' them, because they already exist in your mind. also, music helps a lot.
about developing our ideas, we follow every time the same easy approach: we talk.

what about future projects?

we would like to make a short film, and of course we would love to be part of the movie industry as well.
let's say that our goal would be to shoot and travel around the globe.