Hi Zexi, tell us something about you

Hello, My name is Zexi Qi, I am a Chinese-American artist based in New York. My parents named me after the Chinese pronunciation of New Jersey. I also have an artist name: XIXIKIWII, and most of the time I use that for the credit in my videos.

How did you start making videos?

I started making videos because I have a seven-second memory like Dory, and Im not a person that describes things that well with words so I started making a video dairy.

What are your sources of inspiration and influences?

Like many other artists I gain inspiration from my dreams. I have incredible dreams, and they are always full of impossibilities. I tend to really rely on them. They are always so beautiful in an extremely eerie way. The strange places I come across when dreaming make me want to stay and explore forever. With this skill I have a window into an incredibly vivid and untapped inspirational resource, my subconscious.

Do you prefer shooting fashion films or other kind of videos? What is your favorite subject?

I love making any film or videos that has a strong visual representation. Since I am not very good at writing dialogue I like to tell my stories through visual language.
Therefore I love making film or videos that focus on details of emotion and movements.
So far I found fashion films to be a form where I can explore my visions and ideas freely.
One of the favorite subjects I like to explore in my film is the Uncanny, because I love how ephemeral that moment can be, but at the same time the emotion and the after taste of that experience can be everlasting.

Any golden dream? Upcoming projects?

I don't have any golden dreams. I would love to just keep dreaming and making art work I can enjoy. I have been doing a lot of work for magazines and clients. I am currently designing and planning my own personal projects.